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exploring the multiple potentialities of Cerniello’s “Danielle”

This paper investigates American film-maker Anthony Cerniello’s animation “Danielle” (2013). Created from a series of photographs of an extended family, “Danielle” oscillates between a fictitious and real subject. As means to explore the multiple facial layers within the work, this paper examines the many potentialities within Deleuzian analyses of the face: the faciality generated by the narrative in each aging face; the deterritorialization of the importance of a face; the fabricated movement that calls up the ‘any-instant-whatever’; the whole subject who is elsewhere, forming a ceaseless becoming; and the immanence of a life that exists as multiple virtual subjectivities. As a reflection of the actual genealogy that exists within the work, this paper also explores the genealogy of animation, examining the qualities of the photographs-turned-animation and their multiple/singular subject.

Published in Kapsula Magazine, February 2016.
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