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Spectral Transmissions

Curatorial Statement.

Spectral Transmissions considers the work of art as a sensual, affective being through the interplay of perception and sensation, illusion and the real. In the pursuit to capture the real, imaging technologies generate an apparition from within the artist’s eye, coming into the world. Thus, images appear reflected off, mirrored in, warped and bounded by myriad surfaces. The desire to preserve and suspend a time, a place, and a space suggests that even when the real is seen, in that instant, it just as quickly evades. What can be determined from these apparitions?

Much like the photographic image, the neuro-image is perceived by the brain through the forces of experience. It evokes at once representations of the real, and the illusion that is subjective understanding, posing as truth. A sensual embodied response endures in the ambiguity of experience, proposing the potential for feelings never before felt and an extension of awareness. This sensuous encounter expands the realm of possibilities, furthers expression, and transforms perceptions.

Artists Annie Briard, Deborah Edmeades and Emiliano Sepulveda each take up a tradition of manipulating lens- and image-based technologies to create material objects, steeped in theoretical knowledge and curiosities. These three works collude with illusion and mysticism – channeling and transmitting the unknown world. The artists conjure images that question how well we know what we see. Here the technological apparatus enhances sensations, expanding perceptions of time and space. Together these works resonate through their investigation of the transmissible/recognizable image and its many potentialities.

Annie Briard explores wonderment, perception and the residual image within her artistic practice. The Fabric of Your Reflection, reconfigures an image of an object onto the same object in space, creating multiple membranes of film, time, and space. Overlapping and deconstructing the virtual and the real enhances ones awareness of shifting realities and perception through experimentation, drawing the viewer into a psychedelic unknown. The resulting moving-image-object becomes an existential exploration of the infinite void: a saturated, sensual, wondrous encounter that offers boundless potential.

Using performance, the lens, object-making, and drawing, Edmeades engages the histories and practices of Western mystical and esoteric thought to question the conditioned experiences of everyday life. Anachronic Televisions uses the reflective surface of the CRT screen as a means to observe, document, objectify and re-transmit a past location, external to the gallery. Like an unruly photograph, the bulky, out-of-date screens fake an awareness of and response to space. With Romantic undertones tied to obsolescence, Edmeades offers outdated technology as the portal to another world.

Sepulveda’s practice engages the world as a living, dynamic and sensing being. What we witness, or become aware of within this world may not represent the full history and potential of a place. Evoking early photo-based techniques, Sepulveda washes cyanotype chemicals on the wall. The light-sensitive surface is exposed by refracted and ambient light, isolating the photographic property of light acting on material over time as a site-specific installation. Mirrored surfaces harness the arc of sunlight deflected through urban space, as the gallery becomes the architectural inner workings of a photographic apparatus.

What might exist beyond the boundaries of innate perception? How might photographic technologies assist in its expansion? Just as the brain evaluates the images it senses and sends signals through the body, so too does the photographic apparatus measure the quantity and quality of light on its sensitive surface in capturing an image. Framed by these works, the neuro-image illuminates the dyadic functions of affect, and the brain as a sensing entity. In the affective encounter, the rhythm and energies of the artworks become sites that generate sensations between bodies, virtual and real: the film and the print, the latent screen and the active light. These works activate a phenomenological experience of time and space, question the origin of the image seen within the heightened context of a gallery setting, and reintroduce wonder into the visually physical encounter. Simultaneously they signal the ubiquity of images, the power of illusion, and a longing for sensual affections in the perception of daily life.

Spectral Transmissions, curated by Kristina Fiedrich features the works by Annie Briard, Deborah Edmeades and Emiliano Sepulveda. Gallery 295, March 4th – April 2nd, 2016.

Performance by Emiliano Sepulveda: Saturday, March 26th, 12-1PM
One Hour Photo (Curatorial Tour): Saturday, March 26th, 1-2PM

Image: Annie Briard, The Fabric of Your Reflection, 2016. Live view DSLR, LED projector, acrylic and wood plinth, found door. From the artist’s website.