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The Body Eclectic

Exploring the Diversity of Bodily Being

The Body Eclectic colloquium includes interdisciplinary panel discussions among experts who explore the intersection between important social and environmental topics such as: aging, care, and differen­­tly-abled bodies; the creation of inclusive, accessible spaces; socially responsible communities and environmentally responsible death; the permeability of the body through technological advances and genetic manipulation as well as ‘othering’ certain bodies through technological mainstays; and, finally, celebration of  being a body in all of its differences and finding ways to enable expression of all the bodies eclectic.

The organizers of the Body Eclectic believe in three things:
1. The answers to today’s problems lie at the centre of provocative inter-disciplinary discussion, where experts in diverse fields engage in conversation around issues that affect us all.
2. Innovative thinking and creative problem solving happen through action and reflection, and that our colloquium provides an initial foundation for an extended conversation around ideas and practices that critically engage the experience of living a body in the 21st century.
3. Expert knowledge is only as good as its practical application and that everyone should have the opportunity to be in on the conversation.

Keynote speakers include Canadian modern dancer, choreographer, activist and head of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, Margie Gillis and psychoanalyst, poet, activist, and Professor Emeritus, Robert Romanyshyn.

Presenters include  Courtney Coyne-Jensen (Copenhagen), Katrina Spade (Seattle), Lorna Roth (Concordia), Amanda Boetzkes (UGuelph), Carolina Bergonzoni (Vancouver), Juli Rees (Vancouver), Zoe Kreye (ECUAD), Debra Kessler (Kamloops), Matt Rader (UBCO), Doug Ellis (TRU), Bruce Baugh(TRU), Jenna Woodrow (TRU), Tracy Penny Light (TRU), Terryl Atkins (TRU) and Vincent Viezzer (TRU).

The accompanying exhibition, Under my skin: a splendor of organs is a solo show of work by Vancouver based artist Kristina Fiedrich, curated by Terryl Atkins.

Sponsors: Hamber Foundation, TRU Art Gallery, TRU Faculty Association, TRU Student Union, TRUFA Status of Women Committee, TRUFA Equity Committee, TRU Centre for Student Engagement, TRU Research Office, and the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

Colloquium Director: Terryl Atkins
Colloquium Production Manager: Kristina Fiedrich

March 11-13, 2016
Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC

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